Not Saying the F-Word

You can’t say the F-word at Thin Man Books,
It’s a amily-riendly bookstore, illed to the brim
with delicate ears.  It’s like a church, consecrated
to the Word that can’t be spoken.  Children, exotic
bonsai, are ertilized, pruned and worshipped.

If you an’t say the F-word then I’m almost
ertain you an’t say the C-word either, but
you an probably say “suck” since every baby
does it and teenagers use it onstantly.
The vernacular for bowel movement is dicey.
Let’s assume you an’t ay the S-word
either.  Makes it hard to tell “uck” like a baby
from “uck” the bad word, but better afe than orry.

That till leaves hundreds of thousands of words
with which to express yourself, o as my ather
used to ay, “quit your itchin’.”  Not exactly,
ut I uppose we an’t ay the B-word either.
It’s a amily-riendly ookstore, dedicated to
reedom of peech, and as poets our duty is to
e ourteous and not ay anything ontroversial.

(c)2008 Michael Schein

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