breasts make the best pillows

because they radiate warmth from within
are soft but pleasantly firm,
breasts make the best pillows,
a point agreed upon by most fellows
and also many fine women
whose necks cannot crane down
upon their own
and so must seek the breast of mother
friend or lover for their rest.
because they are hypo-allergenic
a source of nourishment and comfort,
breasts make the best pillows,
you can’t get feathers up your nose
they need no fluffing but stay fluffed
in just the proper way as you lay
cheek to primal memory
with the mammary
cradling you in a
wonderland of safe
and joyous reverie.
because they rise and fall
with every breath
breasts make the best pillows,
sculpted crests of gentle waves
rolling across a mermaid’s chest,
beckoning wayward sailors home
through treacherous currents
and brackish foam to the sweet
familiar susurration
of a lover’s heartbeat
deep beneath the skin.

Published in Chrysanthemum (Spring 2005), and in Pontoon #9 (2006).  © 2005 Michael Schein, all rights reserved.

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